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Solutions for Planet Earth

Our Mission.

Earth data needs intelligence.

Our mission is to bridge the gap in planetary data, fostering global collaboration and insight through addressing critical environmental challenges.


Who Are We?

We are ÆRTH, a global Earth Scientist Network committed to advancing environmental health through cross-sharing environmental data worldwide – enabling unbiased AI for impact assessment.


The Challenge.

Today, investments in environmental solutions lack transparency and a long-term impact assessment. Our planet operates as one interconnected system, yet our data is fragmented, hindering the identification of effective solutions.


The Solution.

ÆRTH leverages AI to enhance understanding, monitoring, and decision-making regarding our changing climate and growing environmental challenges.

By making environmental data and knowledge sharing easy and accessible, we are scaling scientific collaboration, mutual learning, and insight in a transparent way. 


Science-Backed Offsets.

We have formed a coalition dedicated to securing science-backed carbon & biodiversity offsets supported by open data, adhering to a transparent carbon standard: the DEV Carbon Standard.


Why Support Us?

Investing in ÆRTH means supporting a mission to ensure that planetary information benefits humanity. We are committed to ethical, unbiased AI models and inclusive data ownership, fostering collaboration on a global scale.

“ÆRTH aggregating, standardizing and disseminating global in situ Earth observations represents a revolution in the field of Earth sciences - presenting an immense value to scientific institutions and governmental agencies worldwide.”

J.T. Reager
NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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“ÆRTH fills a serious gap in climate sciences. Its unique approach ills a significant gap in our understanding of Earth’s complex systems. As someone deeply invested in space and AI, I see ÆRTH as a critical step towards more informed and impactful environmental solutions.”


Newton H. Campbell Jr., Ph.D.

Director of Space Programs at the Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE)

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“ÆRTH’s vision for shared human responsibility and solutions for the planet is deeply aligned with my thinking of unifying humanity towards its betterment.”

Jack Healey
Former executive director of Amnesty International USA & Live Aid concert tours with U2, The Police, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, and Tracy Chapman

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“ÆRTH is the missing piece we needed to develop a comprehensive and holistic understanding of our global and local environmental systems.”

Jurgen Valckenaere
Marine Scientist at the University of Western Australia within the Wernberg Lab and the UWA Oceans Institute

ÆRTH Partners

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