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Adina Popescu

Founder / CEO

Adina is a Philosopher & VR/AR Pioneer. She has advised Apple & Conservation International on VR/ METAVERSE as early as 2014, kicking off CIs immersive storytelling for impact. Adina is an avid public speaker and has published extensively on data privacy in a growing digitally connected world. At the Energy Transition Dialogue, UNESCO and GEZ she advocated for decentralized digital frameworks and has advised the German Government on privacy preserving protocols.

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JT Reager

NASA - Remote Sensing Data integration

John is an award-winning NASA scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena where he studies water resources using satellites that monitor the Earth’s gravitational field. He is the principal investigator on the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment where his research focuses on using slight changes in the Earth’s gravitational field to map changes in water circulation and concentration. He is the Deputy Project Applications Lead for the GRACE-FO mission. Most recently JT Reager was awarded the presidential Early Career Award for Using Gravity to Track Earth’s Water Systems.

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Ori Nakar


Ori has worked for 20+ with various technologies, platforms and teams. He holds a B.Sc in information systems engineering. For the last decade Ori has led product development teams that built consumer facing applications and tools for the likes of NBA, CNN and the BBC.


Jens Wischnewsky

Tech Lead - Full Stack

Jens is a pragmatic full-stack engineer and architect with an M.Sc. Computer Science and a B.Sc. Mathematics.

Before ÆRTH, he gathered years of experience in his Role as Founder of a Math e-learning Startup, and as a Data Scientist for a social network.


Daniel Illner


Holding a masters degree from Technical University Munich in Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence, Daniel is an Berlin based engineer with a strong background in Computer Science. As a former visiting research fellow at Harvard University, his interests circulate around Computation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Neuroscience, the Mind and Philosophy.

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Dr. Newton Campbell Jr

AROSE Space Consortium

Newton is the Director of Space Programs at the Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) Consortium. Newton began his career supporting US DOD research programs, primarily within DARPA. For ten years, he served as Principal Investigator and technical lead of research projects in the domains of Internet Privacy, Internet-of-Things, and Cyber-Physical Systems. After DoD,  he served as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) subject matter expert for the NASA Langley Research Center OCIO Data Science Team. There, Newton focused on programs in urban air mobility, geomagnetism, virtual reality, AI Ethics, high-performance computing for computational physics, and space radiation effects on human biology.


Fabio Cresto Aleina

Climate Policy Lead

Fabio is a climate change consultant specialized in climate policy and climate change adaptation. After working for over 9 years in various research institutes in Europe as a climate scientist, since 2020 he has been acting as an independent consultant for international cooperation agencies (UNDP, GIZ), NGOs and governments in Latin America. He led the formulation of the updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) in Guatemala in the adaptation sectors, and the development of the national Action Plan for NDC implementation. He is focussed on elaborating science- and nature-based, culturally appropriate, and just climate adaptation strategies for both people and ecosystems across the world.

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Jack Healey

Advisor - Human Rights

Jack Healey was the Director of Amnesty International for 12 years. He is an American human rights activist. Called "Mr. Human Rights", Healey's focus has been on inspiring the youth to support non-violent activism that would push back oppressive governments and societies. 


Brandon Levy

Our Partner at Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA)

Chief Program Officer at Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA). Brandon is a community builder, systems thinker, and mission-driven professional with experience working with leading sustainable enterprises.

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Jason George

Strategy Advisor

Jason is a serial entrepreneur in the technology space, with several successful exits in both the UK and US. Recognized for his pioneering work over the past 25 years, Jason has been invited to speak at conferences all over the world - including the United Nations - and won numerous awards for his and his companies’ contribution to the digital economy. Jason is passionate about the environmental challenges we are facing and believes urgent change is needed. His role at Aerth is finding and fostering partnership opportunities and business growth.

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Herbert Sterchi

Managing Director

Herbert has been in the blockchain industry since 2013 and helped to found companies like Ethereum, Consensys, Akasha, Polkadot and now ÆRTH.

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Txai Macêdo

Advisor on Amazonian indigenous leadership

Indigenist since 1978, "sertanista" (word used to name the person who defends indigenous rights dedicated to mediate the relations between indigenous people and whitemen) since 1986. He was the founder and national coordinator along with Chico Mendes and Ailton Krenak of the Aliança dos Povos da Floresta (People of the Forest Alliance).
As a "sertanista", he received several titles such as Autonomist of the History of Acre, Motivator of the Forestry and Etinozoning Program in Indigenous lands, Holder of the Medal of Honor for Indigenous Merit, among others. He is one of the biggest proponents of Agro Forestry.


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