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Adina Popescu

Founder / CEO

Adina has founded ÆRTH. She is a trained Philosopher & Technologist advising Apple, Conservation International, and Paramount Studios on VR/AR. She has provided privacy advice to the German Government, published on data privacy, and promoted decentralised digital frameworks globally.

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Dr. JT Reager

NASA - Remote Sensing Lead

NASA scientist at JPL researches water resources using satellites to monitor Earth’s gravitational field, awarded the presidential Early Career Award. He leads the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment and is Deputy Project Applications Lead for GRACE-FO.

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Graham Lee

Product Design/Solutions Architecture

Graham is a creative, data-oriented technologist. He holds a Bachelor's in Physics at UC San Diego. In his roles as a Lead Solutions Architect, Product Manager, and Data Scientist at companies like YouTube, QuinStreet, and System1, He has played an integral role in the development of backend algorithms and ML/AI systems that moved the bottom line significantly.

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Jürgen Valckenaere

Ocean Science

Jurgen is a Reef Systems & Coastal Environment Specialist. He is a PhD Candidate at the University of Western Australia. His research focuses on future-proofing temperate reef systems and coastal environments.

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Nick Morten Podratz

Engineering & Design Thinking

Nick, a technologist with a nature conservation background, developed DNA sequencing tech at the Robert Koch Institute and designed Super Bowl stage-wear. His education in IT-Systems Engineering and Design Thinking enriches his expertise.


Daniel Illner

AI & Data Science

Daniel, a Berlin-based engineer, holds a master's in Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence from Technical University Munich. His research spans Computation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Neuroscience, Mind, and Philosophy as a former Harvard research fellow.

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Dakin Parker


Dakin is a Chartered Accountant, registered with the South African Institute. In a career spanning 25 years and 3 continents, his focus has ranged from taking new ideas to post-revenue, building businesses from the ground up, expanding back-office capacity, and developing skills in people. He has 2 Masters degrees and is obsessed with balancing the motive of doing well (profit) with doing good (community).


Pascal Gerstenlauer

Brand Consulting & Digital Services

Born in Germany, raised with urban arts, hip-hop and fashion, he spent 20+ years in Paris, building and distributing market leading urban streetwear brands.

Since 2012, Pascal provides digital and brand consulting services @ 'Mendesgroup Berlin' to major lifestyle distribution players, focussing on omni-channel strategies and conversion funnels. 

ÆRTH Advisory Board

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Dr. Newton H. Campbell Jr.

Remote Sensing – Director at AROSE space consortium 

Newton is the Director of Space Programs at the Australian Space and Earth Consortium. He began his career supporting US DoD research programs, primarily within DARPA. After DoD, he served as an AI subject matter expert for the NASA Langley Research Center OCIO Data Science Team.

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Jack Healey

Human Rights Frameworks

Jack Healey, known as "Mr. Human Rights", served as Director of Amnesty International for 12 years. 

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David Atkinson

Inventive Structure

David is Co-Founder at Holochain and has a long standing career in creating peer to peer data sharing incentive structures and privacy preserving mechanisms.

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Thiago Ferrari

Our Partner for Coastal Observation Brazil

Executive Director of the Amigos da Jubarte Project. Environmentalist President of the O Canal - Institute for sustainable enterprises.


Brandon Levy

Our Partner at Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA)

Brandon, Chief Program Officer at Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA), is a community builder and systems thinker with a mission- driven approach, collaborating with top sustainable enterprises.

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Dr. Tirso Gonzales

Our Partner in regard to indigenous Practises

Tirso, a Sociologist with a PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and postdoctoral studies at UC Davis and UC Berkeley. Former Indigenous Studies professor at UBC-Okanagan.

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Txai Macêdo

Amazonian indigenous leadership

An Indigenist since 1978 and a "sertanista" since 1986, he co-founded the People of the Forest Alliance with Chico Mendes and Ailton Krenak, advocating for Agroforestry.

ÆRTH Partners

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